JDE Technical Consultancy and Integration Specialist

I'm Chris Hopkins and I founded Aberta Ltd in 2007. The name derives from the Portuguese for "open" as I am passionate about using open-source software to help solve complex problems.

I have been a software developer for 20 years and have been working with JDE for over 14 of them. Besides traditional JDE development I specialise in JDE upgrade code retrofitting and system integration. I have over 10 years of Java development and Java-based JDE integration experience.

JDE Technical Consultancy

I specialise in complex JDE development:

  • bespoke application design and development
  • interfaces
  • C Business Function development and modification
  • UBE performance tuning and upgrade code retrofitting

I have a particular interest in modernising the typical JDE development life-cycle, automated testing, and application performance optimisation.

I have seen so many badly performing UBEs that can be dramatically improved with very few or even no code changes. If you have one then I am confident that in most cases I can help.

Integration Services

I specialise in ETL: extracting and loading data and any required transformation in between. Whether the data resides in another database, on an SFTP or HTTP Server, or the file system.

Are you migrating from one ERP system to another? Do you have a complex migration requirement that requires extensive auditing? Moving data from A to B isn't difficult but proving that it has been done 100% accurately requires careful planning and a focus on testing and auditability.

I have many years of experience of deleting data from production environments - once every single byte of information has been accounted for.


Chris Hopkins 
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